Love Story


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We love Fire! It is a vital life-force. Fire is fierce and powerful when it rages. And yet it is also beautiful, calming and even hypnotic when it dances and flickers against the night sky. Something about fire fills us with trepidation and excitement at the same time. Think of what is attracting you right now. Whether you like the simple, clean, relaxing ambience from the glow of a ventless fireplace or the thrill that runs through your body when you build your own fire and feel the raw energy as it grows that makes you want to pound your chest like Tom Hanks in “Castaway”. Just thinking about it can make your heart beat a little faster.

The one thing any fire feature has in common is that it is magnetic. There is nothing more romantic than lying with a loved one next to a fire. And nothing more fundamentally American than sitting around a campfire with family and friends in the mountains and parks of this great country or making S'mores in the backyard after a barbeque. We hope you have memories like these from your youth, but if not, let us help you create them now.

We are all hard wired from the beginning of time to be drawn to the qualities of fire. It becomes the centerpiece of any gathering. In the living room, on the patio, at the lake, or in the woods, we all feel a connection around fire. A connection to nature and each other. We at Home Fire Designs feel this deeply and are driven to bring the highest quality, most creative and fulfilling fire features to our customers. You won’t find this selection or service in a big box store. And our Price Match Guarantee assures you the best value anywhere. This is our passion! Browse around and we’re sure you’ll feel inspired.