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American Craftsmanship. American Ingenuity. American Quality. American Made. These words matter as much today as they ever did. We love America and we believe America still makes the best products. We here at Home Fire Designs want to provide the best fire products America has to offer. It is important to us to keep as many dollars as we can in America, so we do not import any products or have any products shipped to our customers from outside our borders. Home Fire Designs is based out of Florida and we deal exclusively with other American based businesses.

Many of our products are hand made by American artisans using US Steel. This is America at it's finest. Hard working men and women, from coast to coast, manufacturing the materials to be used in creating the strongest, most durable, most beautiful and unique products from the hands of a master American craftsman. We are proud to carry these lines and are always looking to add to our collection. 

Other lines of products in our store are designed here in America, but some of the materials are sourced abroad. These materials are then either assembled here, or the designs are cut and finished here, or are otherwise produced here in America. Products that are made in America with American materials or made in America with sourced materials will carry a Made in USA American Flag sign or a Made in America sign on the product page. (Shop Now!)

There is yet another category, as Home Fire Designs endeavors to meet all our customers needs and offer options they may want. Some of the American based brands we carry will design, warehouse, and ship their products here, but manufacture them elsewhere. Because the materials sourcing, fabrication, and assembly are not in America, we will not apply the labels on those product pages. Customers can be sure, however, that all dollars will have passed through two or three American companies before ever reaching another country. Big box stores and mass e-commerce sites that sell anything from anywhere to anyone can't say that.

At Home Fire Designs, we believe in who we are, what we do, and where we do it. We take pride in our work and our products. And we want our customers to feel the same pride. 

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