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What high quality and very easy-to-use for occasional southern California users like ourselves. The marble table is beautiful and practical and all the finishes are 5 star. Glad all my research paid off and we ended up with the perfect piece!


I am extremely pleased with everything, including the purchase, delivery condition, and follow-up to make sure I'm a satisfied customer!
Made in America prevails!


I bought one many years back. It is one of my prized possessions. I plumbed it for natural gas after a year and filled it w/ glass. It is a hit! It sits on the slate deck outside the picture window.


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American Craftsmanship. American Ingenuity. American Quality. American Made. These words matter as much today as they ever did. We love America and we believe America still makes the best products. We here at Home Fire Designs want to provide the best fire products America has to offer. It is important to us to keep as many dollars as we can in America

Benefits of Bio-Ethanol Fireplaces

Seeking an alternative to a wood burning stove or even a gas fireplace? Looking into ethanol fireplaces is a great first step. The flames are real, and best of all the heat production and distribution remains even.

Care for Your Fire Pits

As with any other appliance, you must take good care of your outdoor fire pit to ensure a long life and reliable performance. A properly maintained fire pit is also necessary to ensure the safety of your family and your nearby home.

These tips will keep your outdoor fire pit in excellent working condition: